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The Online Revolution: Sales Strategies in The Real Estate Market

The arrival of the Internet today has revolutionized sales strategies in all economic sectors. In fact, only in the fourth quarter of 2018, electronic commerce in Spain registered sales of 3,564 million euros, which is practically doubling the data compared to five years ago, where it entered 1,989 million euros, according to a study of the online consultancy Tajarat properties.

This e-commerce boom has forced companies in our country to adapt to a new economic model, where the customer has taken the lead in the purchase process: he decides when and where to deliver.

Is the paradigm shift that favours the immediacy and attention to the customer, which has brought the economy to reinvent the relationship between companies and their target audiences: we must adapt supply to demand, rather than the reverse.

The online business in the Real Estate

Nowadays the client no longer goes out to look for offers on the street: a Deloitte study estimated the first online searches in the real estate market in 2018 at 70 %. The traditional real estate market is giving way to a new model, where Real Estate companies must compete in the cloud.

Not surprisingly, the entry of new technologies in the real estate market has taken a name: Blue world city islamabad. This umbrella houses all those companies in the Real Estate sector that have introduced the new online economic model in their business.

The digital tools have allowed the real estate sector to improve in all processes:

  • In attracting customers: digital marketing has made it possible to segment the target audience, which makes it possible to provide efficiency to all the marketing actions agreed in the company’s strategy.
  • In customer service: the public already chooses today how companies should interact with them, either through the Internet and social networks or through the more traditional ways

Online sales strategies in Real Estate

Although the Internet has introduced changes in all Real Estate processes, where the business has really changed has been in the sales process. Not surprisingly, clients look for their demands through 4.0 channels: social networks and real estate websites.

So how to apply a sales strategy that improves our company’s indexes? The first step should be to ask what we are offering to our audience and, above all, how we are offering it.

The key to any online sales strategy is to reinforce the marketing actions of our online company: the final objective must be, through a good location of our target audience, to generate leads that can be transformed into better sales.

How to do it? The new technological tools allow companies in our sector to enhance their real estate websites, facilitating both the search process and the interaction between company and client.

Without going any further, for example, an efficient search filter, thanks to which the client can see first-hand what our offer is. Competitiveness is fierce and a good interface and streamlined processes can be key to a successful sale.

Anyway, as we said, the Internet has empowered the customer to give him all the prominence within the sales process. Under this paradigm, Real Estate companies must promote different actions to achieve success in their sales:

In the end, the best strategy to boost your sales is to bring together all the different departments of the company under a common goal and have a team of experts who understand your target audience and advise you on all the paths to success.

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Keys To Develop A Real Estate Communication Plan

Communication happens to be a key element in the proper functioning of a company. Both externally and internally. Not surprisingly, according to an IESE study, 50% of business projects fail due to poor communication.

It is for this reason that every company needs, in order to guarantee its survival, to establish a communication plan that combines objectives, actions and strategies that a company must put into practice to make itself known.

In the real estate sector, with fierce competition and, above all, in a constant state of change, especially due to the entry of new technologies, it seems essential that every real estate developer has its own communication plan to know what to transmit to its target audience in order to seduce him, as well as understand how he must current in cases of communication crisis.

In this article we will analyze the importance of making a clear diagnosis of the promoter’s situation in order to set guidelines that guarantee the efficiency of the communication plan.

The importance of a communication plan

Commonly, and especially in small and medium-sized companies, the communication plan tends to be integrated as one more appendix to the marketing plan, which establishes the guidelines for the company’s relationship with the market.

Nothing is further from reality. Although our statement does not intend to belittle the marketing department in a real estate developer (which should be essential), it is to highlight the value of communication as a bridge between the objectives of the companies and those of their public .

In this way, the function of any communication plan is to align communication actions with the company’s global strategy. For this, it is essential that:

Uniform. It is necessary to detect the needs of the real estate developer so that all members of the organization proclaim the same message.

Multichannel. Today it is much easier for companies to make themselves known (and also make mistakes). Thus, if new technologies have broken the space / time barrier, it seems essential that the communication plan takes this variable into account.

Appropriate to the environment: any communication plan must be applied according to current criteria in order to multiply the impact of the message.

The Internet has revolutionized the sector of communication plans, since the gap that separated the target audience from real estate developers has been broken. Today the strategy must be global, agreeing on a message but taking into account the different characteristics of each channel.

How to adapt it to the real estate sector

As we have been saying, the real estate sector is experiencing a revolution, especially due to the entry of technology that is its day to day. Not surprisingly, communication trends are constantly changing and what is currently a trend – video marketing – may give way to another strategy – Big Data and AI? -.

In order to adapt a communication plan for the Real Estate sector, it is essential to put it in the hands of a professional: the strategy and the application of content must be carried out under journalistic criteria to provide interesting added value for the target audience.

Thus, a good comprehensive communication strategy will allow a Real Estate company:

  • Increase visibility in your different portals, as well as in each of the profiles on social networks.
  • Align the brand image of the target audience with the one that the company wants to transmit based on its actions and corporate values.
  • Provide the real estate developer with expertise, that is, the public will see through the messages that the company has a good position in the market.
  • In this way, by complementing the marketing plan with the communication plan, the company will see how its sales plan improves and how the company consolidates its position in the market.

The Importance Of Real Estate Graphic Design

In a world where users increasingly have more tools to choose between their favorite products, a good graphic design on the web portal of our real estate developer can make a difference in a marketing plan.

In fact, the Real Estate sector, a traditionally conservative market, has already welcomed the digital world: nine out of ten people look for their new home through online tools , according to a study by the North American association The National Association of Realtors.

The entry of new digital agents to the market has made real estate developers broaden their horizons and try to adapt their marketing strategies to attract their target audience through digital channels.

It should be taken into account that these platforms and applications are gaining weight in the market: not surprisingly, the user already makes 57% of Internet inquiries through their mobile (about 150 times a day on average).

Thus, it is estimated that 8% of the people consulted in the same article mentioned that design is the number one factor in determining the credibility of a company.

With this, in this article we will analyze the importance of graphic design applied to the real estate world, the benefits it can bring to our real estate developer and what tricks we must follow to have a successful strategy.

Benefits for a real estate developer


The goal of a custom graphic design is to impact the company’s target audience. In a market as crowded as Real Estate, creating a brand, a logo or a slogan that identifies the product with our real estate developer can define the success of our digital marketing plan.

Graphic design mixes numerous disciplines such as content, illustration, photography with the aim of making our proposal as a real estate developer more attractive to the target audience.

Not surprisingly, 38% of visitors will stop engaging with a website if the content or design is not attractive, according to a recent study by the consulting firm Blue Corona.

Thus, the design provides companies with:

  • Corporate reputation. Who we are and why the client should trust us.
  • Catch attention. In such a crowded market we must offer unique content to the target audience so that they notice us.
  • Sales increase. The formula is usually the following: more visibility and better content add up to more sales.

At the end of the day, if in the field of digital content, we have always emphasized the role of SEO as the backbone language of a strategy, the role of the graphic designer is to enhance the digital positioning of our company.

Graphic design tips to position your company

In an increasingly digital world, we must bear in mind that a good graphic design can be the key element in our marketing plan. In fact, a study by the consulting firm BP Studios figures 82% of consumers who have a more positive view of a company after reading personalized content.

To improve the design of our real estate developer, the following aspects must be assessed:

  • Logo / Brand image, place it at the center of any marketing action, which is recognizable.
  • Photo quality, a good image is important in a world full of screens and so visual.

Follow the trends in the networks: use graphic elements with which the target audience can be identified according to their needs.

At the end of the day, graphic design does not start with the sole objective of making your website more attractive, but of improving its usability so that the user returns (either because of the attractiveness of the offer, because of the reliability it provides, etc.)

Putting your graphic design in the hands of professionals will multiply your clicks in conversions and leads, as well as give your real estate developer enough reputation to stand out in the market.


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