The Comprehensive Marketing Service: The Value of A Consulting Firm

The Comprehensive Marketing Service: The Value of A Consulting Firm

Digital marketing has become a key element in promotional strategies in any sector. Google has become, without a doubt, the main marketing platform for companies in the 21st century.

Not surprisingly, 76% of searches made on the Internet have the Google search engine as their starting point. But that’s not all: Google doesn’t just work as a search engine, but also as its own marketing platform. According to company statistics, businesses earn an average of two dollars of revenue for every dollar spent on paid ads in Google Ads.

What is this about? The digital marketing has proven to be a great showcase for companies and the real estate industry is no stranger to it. For this reason, more and more companies are turning to experts, consultants and marketing agencies in search of adequate strategies to relaunch their visibility and strategy.

But is it really the same? In this article we will analyze the differences between the functions of a consultancy and a marketing agency and what benefits your real estate developer can obtain.

Differences between a consulting firm and a marketing agency

Marketing is a key element to make real estate activity visible: it is estimated that 72% of consumers who did a local search on the Internet visited a physical store near their location.

Before transmitting a message, it is essential to set up a strategy based on who we are, what we want to explain and above all, what are our marketing objectives.

In this way, the role of the marketing consultant is to offer solutions for businesses , analyzing in depth the information of the promoter in order to make a strategic proposal appropriate to the objectives of the company. Thus, the consulting firm aspires, among others, to:

  • Create marketing strategies.
  • Conduct market research.
  • Design an action plan.
  • Marketing audits: where we are.
  • User loyalty programs

For its part, the digital marketing agency is the key to implement the actions established by the consultancy: from the content marketing application to SEO search engine positioning.

In addition, every agency has specialists to offer added value to the management of the real estate developer’s social networks and e-mail marketing campaigns, among others.

The main task of the digital agency is to solve the digital reputation strategies already agreed between the Real Estate company blue world city islamabad and the marketing consultancy.

In any case, the main difference lies in who each of the companies report to: while the digital agency usually reports to the marketing director, the consulting firm reports directly to the owner.

What is convenient for us as a Real Estate company?

The digital environment is increasingly important for the real estate sector. Keep in mind that Real Estate is experiencing a revolution, in which 8 out of ten people already search online when buying or acquiring a hom.

Today the biggest marketing challenge for companies is to generate traffic and leads –this is assumed by 63% of marketing directors according to a recent study-, above others such as showing high ROI –Return of Investment-.

That is why, taking into account that we compete in a digital ecosystem, putting the strategy in the hands of professionals seems essential to be successful in such a crowded market.

Not surprisingly, it is so important to know what the real estate developer wants and what audience it has, how to analyze which strategies are trending in the sector and what our direct competitors are doing.

At the end of the day, it depends on what we need at all times: to set up a global strategy, which takes into account what we want to achieve and how we should remodel our marketing department, a consultancy is advisable, while in the case of needing professionals To put our actions into practice, a digital agency is better.

How To Conduct A Sales Audit In Real Estate

The sole purpose of a business relationship is sale. The real estate sector exists for a buyer to acquire an apartment or a house, therefore, the process must be at the center of customer service. If you want to evaluate your commercial department, this article on auditing sales in the real estate sector will interest you.

Real Estate Customer Journey

There are several paths that the client travels from the moment he meets us until he buys the apartment. It is vital to analyze the stops and ‘continue’ of the property purchase process, from the first contact as an organic result in a Google search or on social networks or even at a fair until the contract is signed.

The pace is set by the client, it is the new owner who decides to take the steps to acquire his new apartment or house. Now, when you want to walk, we must be there to guide and inform the client about our interests.

To know if the itinerary we design works, you have to know which path the buyer travels. But not only know, but it is mandatory to put yourself in his shoes, understand what he is thinking and what doubts he has.

The customer journey is based on three stages:

• Acknowledgment: the customer recognizes a need and looks for a solution

• Consideration: compares and evaluates purchase options

• Decision: it is time to choose a solution

It is important to generate quality digital content to attack each client according to their stage. This real estate conversion funnel article provides ideas on how to build content that triggers conversions for a user as they navigate their customer journey.

Audit of the commercial real estate department

As it is such an important acquisition, real estate sales procedures usually take their time. To keep the client constantly active and for the contact to flow, it is necessary to check the status of the communication between the developer and the buyer.

These questions are an example of what must be polished to be sure that the management of future and current clients is adequate:

  • Does the customer management department use a centralized CRM? Or continue with thousands of excels that generate outdated and unshared databases.
  • Does each client have only one account manager? Does this agent appear in person by phone?
  • Is there a clear command hierarchy for making customer decisions?
  • Does the company have internal procedures that speed up certain processes with exceptional clients?
  • Are deadlines set for a future buyer to answer one of our requests?
  • If the client must send documentation, is it verified that it is correctly filled out and delivered?

Mystery Shopping for real estate developers

On the other hand, it is true that one applies a subjective view when it comes to analyzing one’s own company. To solve this obstacle, you can hire the services of mystery shopping in Real Estate.

That is, an external agent who analyzes the entire process of customer management and then delivers a complete analysis. This ‘mystery shopper’ brings his objective point of view and that is not flawed with our way of working.

In addition, this client is asked to audit the entire purchase process, thus clarifying doubts that we have, such as: has the client manager presented himself? Or has the mystery shopper also understood what documents to provide?

These agents can act both in person and over the phone. Thus, if the real estate developer decides to bet on a stand at an important fair in the sector, it is highly recommended that one of the clients be a mystery shopper. In this way, you will receive a comprehensive analysis on how your employees serve customers.

Likewise, a real estate mystery shopper can also carry out its function by telephone, with a call to the real estate agency or promoter, the client’s management process can be evaluated.

Listings Or How To Take Advantage Of Your Properties

Companies are gradually realizing the importance of investing in reputation: spending on digital advertising grew globally by 11% compared to 2015, from 31.5% to 43%, according to data from an eMarketer study .

The reason? Very easy: according to the same report, prepared in the last quarter of 2018, 57% of users would not recommend a company that did not have a differential web page.

It is clear that the new market is digital and that future market niches will have to be found there: for this year, mobile advertising will represent 72% of all digital advertising in the US Not in vain, the The number of people who use email in the world reached 3.8 billion people in January 2018 .

In this article we will analyze the importance of taking properties into account, how to make them more appealing, how to make your properties known to the target audience and, finally, how to improve your sales with these techniques. After all, the main objective of marketing is to translate your actions into leads and sales for the real estate developer.

The need for a marketing plan

As we have been saying, it is expected that by 2019, 642 billion dollars will be invested in advertising and marketing, with the aim of creating a brand, reputation and differentiating ourselves from the competition.

In fact, 74% of marketers admitted, in a study conducted in the first quarter of this year, that their top concern was getting quality leads.

In this way, the first step in developing a marketing plan is, through a SWOT analysis – or any other that measures your strengths and weaknesses as a real estate developer – to know your strengths and weaknesses.

At the end of the day, in the day-to-day life of your real estate developer it is key:

  • List the property listing
  • Know your reputation and your brand image
  • Know who your audience is and why they chose you

A real estate marketing plan must have measurable and achievable objectives – KPI’s concept – that are mainly focused on increasing the sales of the developer.

The term ROI – Return of Investment – is born as a counterpart to investment in marketing and figures the volume of business and profits that a company acquires when carrying out a marketing action.

Marketing plan: how it improves the image of the properties

If social networks were born a little over a decade ago to revolutionize the communication paradigm, today they are one of the best channels to complement sales.

In social networks, a real estate developer must not only incorporate the list of properties it has, but also offer content that reflects its corporate values ​​and mission.

As of January 2019 data, social networks have more than 3.484 million users on channels as disparate as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, among others – each network with its different characteristics.

In this way, the best way to promote your sales is to invest in digital marketing and differentiate yourself from your competitor. For this, it is essential to put your content plan in the hands of a professional. A) Yes:

  • Produce your own content
  • Create emotional and descriptive texts

In addition to copywriting, it is important to incorporate a photographer on the staff: according to a study by the National Association of Realtors, in the United States, 85% of real estate buyers opt for a promotion that includes videos to their credit.

In fact, future – and not so future – real estate techniques adapt by Tajarat properties involve including virtual reality in their promotions: after all, the tactic happens because the user imagines himself in that property.


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