How To Succeed With Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

How To Succeed With Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

The market today belongs less and less to the analog world and takes more presence in the digital environment. Can you imagine still promoting campaigns in newspaper classifieds or roadside advertisements?

In this article we will analyze the rise of online marketing in the real estate sector, and we will give an account of a series of key strategies to be successful in its implementation. Likewise, we will list tips so as not to forget traditional marketing.

Advertising and competition to lead the real estate sector blue world city Islamabad are on the Internet, in networks and in SEO positioning. With this, the role of marketing as a business department has grown to match in weight to others such as finance or administration.

In fact, it must be taken into account that according to a 2018 study by the United States real estate association, the National Association of Realtors, 51% of buyers had acquired their home online, without any physical paperwork.

The Marketing Plan must take into account digital trends

The consolidation of social networks in almost all population segments has allowed the network strategy to go from being pure advertising to positioning itself as promotion and sale.

With this, a real estate marketing plan is a document that summarizes the objectives and actions of the promotion and sales project of a real estate developer.

Thus, in recent years, trends have appeared in real estate marketing that have changed the paradigm, from physical to online: such as 3D videos, sales on Instagram, the search for new targets by classifying the population, among others. In addition, knowing the trends of today allows us to look at those of the future: Big Data and virtual reality will structure real estate marketing in the coming years.

In this way, what are the key strategies to be successful in real estate marketing?

Selling in networks and investing in data, keys of 2019

Networks have established themselves as the cover letter of any company . With an undeniable growth throughout the world (more than 25 million users) today the networks are the ideal showcase to establish your real estate promotions.

Thus, to stand out in the jungle of the Internet, it is important to invest in SEO language – it will improve your positioning in Google -, have an original content manager that offers user feedback , and enhance the interaction of your audience with your website to promote your Real Estate sales.

One of the strategies that generate the most trust among users is to replicate testimonials from your clients to promote an image of transparency and

trust in the home acquisition processes. In fact, fastcontent, fast but quality content, is increasingly important in online content planning .

Likewise, 2019 seems like the year of the consolidation of Big Data: what if collecting information from your users allowed you to optimize your marketing campaigns? Investing in databases allows you to know who follows your real estate promotions and, especially, why they follow them . With this strategy, programmatic advertising – that oriented towards a

specific audience – will generate a greater return to marketing campaigns.

Offline marketing: relationships that should never be forgotten

Although we have already given clues that the great potential of the real estate market resides on the Internet: online marketing actions are complementary to others such as expanding and consolidating your professional relationships.

Thus, so key is to have a good web positioning and be active in networks such as attending events, promotions or real estate fairs to also position your promotion among your public.

In this way, it is essential to have a public relations plan to get to know the local companies with which you will have to establish business relationships so that your real estate development stands out.

The Importance Of Having A Progressive Web App (PWA) In The Real Estate Sector

The importance of having a Progressive Web App (PWA) has been discussed for a long time. Now, to know why it is so important, we must first define and know what PWAs are and what improvements they have compared to a traditional application or web page.

If you have always had doubts about Progressive Web Apps and have never dared to ask, keep reading this article and all your doubts will be solved.

What is a Progressive Web App?

Think of PWAs as a technical improvement, a way of blurring the lines between native mobile applications and web pages. This innovation allows a web page to enjoy the advantages of an application downloaded on the mobile but directly in the browser, without the need for installation on the device.

In other words, a PWA makes a classic web page take advantage of the utilities available in applications such as push notifications, loading with little coverage or even having an icon on the smartphone screen as a direct access.

Two perfect examples are the websites of Twitter and Facebook. That is, in the web version, the user can do the same as in the app installed on the mobile. Of course, the installation is saved, you only need a browser and Internet connection.

As you can see, they are improvements designed directly for the mobile device, therefore, the PWAs are totally Mobile First, improving the position and usability of the website.

Progressive Web Applications Features

Let’s review together the characteristics of PWAs that make them the evolution of web pages and mobile applications. According to Google , the characteristics are these 10:

  • Progressive: it works in all browsers, so any user can use it
  • Responsive: adapts to any device, be it desktop, mobile or tablet, meets the mobile first requirement
  • Offline: Works with poor coverage or even without connection
  • Visual style of an app: the user will notice that the interactions and movements are like in an application, not like in a web
  • Updated – works in the background so it’s always fresh
  • Pushes: send push notifications, allowing more interaction with the user
  • Secure: since it works in HTTPS, malicious intrusion is avoided
  • Direct access: PWAs allow you to install an icon on the smartphone screen, without the need for extra memory
  • Discoverable as an app: thanks to the W3C manifesto, search engines classify it as a mobile application
  • Easy to share: the user can share the web application easily and quickly, just by copying and pasting the URL, without the need for an installation

How does a PWA improve my real estate business?

This type of technology is very useful for the user. Generally, a user would download a native application of a company for the loyalty plan. That is, accumulated points, stay up to date with offers, receive last minute information.

But of course, the user was faced with several problems to use a native application ; that the app cannot be installed because it was not developed for your device or operating system; that the user is obliged to go through the app store to download the application; that needs a lot of memory on the mobile; Or, be constantly updating the application.

The trend is that the user has fewer and fewer downloaded apps, and that only social networks or the mainstream media remain. For this reason, a real estate Progressive Web App is perfect to keep the user up to date , but without installation complications or from memory.

For example, pushes with reminders of visits to apartments , or notices about new offers in real estate promotions and all this working even with weak coverage and without taking up space on the user’s device.

Ultimately, PWAs break down the barriers raised by applications, and improve the positioning and usability of a web page . So, adapting your real estate website as a Progressive Web App has advantages and will increase the link with the user.

How To Develop An International Real Estate Marketing Strategy?

Marketing campaigns should be developed with the end customer in mind, who will end up buying an apartment from the real estate development. Now, what if the user does not speak your same language? Or if there is a separation of thousands of kilometers away? In that case you have to adapt and prepare to sell in the international market .

In this article, we will review the different types of international Real Estate marketing campaigns and some recommended actions to be able to sell flats beyond borders .

Models of international marketing strategies

In marketing business schools, classic models of advertising campaigns are taught in several countries at the same time. The strategy patterns are as follows:

Standardization: apply the same business model in another country, the advantage is that the way of working is scalable. All changes in the company in the country of origin are then applied to the rest of the markets.

Adaptation: adapting the business to the new country, yes, excessive acclimatization can lead to losing the identity of the company.

Differentiation: being different from other competitors, either by offering the cheapest price or by segmenting the target as much as possible.

Growth: when the saturation of the market no longer allows us to get new customers, it is time to go outside to look for other possibilities.

7 steps to create your international real estate marketing plan

The marketing plans of Real Estate both domestic and international are quite similar. At the end of the day it is a way of approaching the standardized target. However, the international factor does have some specificities.

When you decide to lift the borders for your clients and set your goal to sell real estate abroad or from your country to foreigners, you must follow the following steps:

New market analysis

The first thing is to know what the situation is like in the country you want to target. It is vital to carry out an in-depth investigation of society and the political-economic environment to ensure that the country will not collapse, that it treats foreign capital correctly and that it is a good investment for the future. In general, a PESTEL study is carried out, an acronym for Political, Economic, Sociocultural, Technological, Ecological and Legal analysis.

Target and competition segmentation

The next step is to divide the company and find out who your business is targeting. Consumption habits, their tastes and interests. In short, the needs of consumers and how your real estate will meet their expectations. It would be convenient to have a team that works there or with people from the country collaborating with your company to be a mediator or translator of the context.

In addition, the competition must be analyzed and a SWOT established. That is, capture the competitors on a coordinate axis and mark the Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities that your real estate agency has in the new market.

SMART objectives

What goals do you want to meet? It is best to set SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and measurable over time). Depending on these objectives, some advertising or other actions must be carried out.

To measure your results, remember that Google is not the only search engine in the world, Yandex dominates in Russia and Baidu in China.

A recurring action is SEO in several languages ​​at the same time. That is, have your website translated and programmed to receive clients from all over the world. For Google to understand which geographical area you focus your web page on, you must program it with the hreflang attribute.

This attribute that is inserted in the source code of the web pages allows you to indicate to the search engine that you do not have duplicate content, but that it is content translated or in the dialect of the destination country.

Thus, you can have a landing page of the same real estate development for and another for Colombia without Google penalizing you for duplicate content, and if you are visited by a user from the American country, it will direct you to the website of your country.

Brand awareness of your business

Remember that you start from scratch, therefore, the investment in branding will be high. Make your brand known, explain to new consumers who you are. Whether through events, participation in real estate fairs, search engine ads, creation of quality content, or a mix of all channels.

And are you planning to export your real estate business to the international market like Tajarat properties? In that case, don’t forget to leave your comments below and share this post.

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