How To Promote Real Estate Branding

How To Promote Real Estate Branding

Creating a brand has become the best way for companies to differentiate themselves from the competition. The real estate sector is no exception: incorporating branding into your marketing plan can be the formula to sell more and better.

In this way, branding is to give a name to our real estate developer, but it is also to know what market niche it occupies, who its audiences are and what its strengths and weaknesses are.

In this article we will analyze the importance of developing a branding plan, especially in the real estate sector like Tajarat properties and we will offer the keys to get profitability from these initiatives.

Why is it important to take care of the company name? At the end of the day it reflects:

  • About us
  • What we contribute as a company
  • How we differ from our company
  • How we want our audience to see us

The objective of branding is therefore to generate long-term bonds and emotions with clients in order to be able to retain them, that is, to link your promoter with an idea or concept that allows them to keep you in mind.

Thus, the plan must be associated with the study of the corporate values ​​that govern the activity of the real estate developer and that must be reflected in the view of the client: transparency, personality …

Beyond a name and a logo

74% of marketers say that capturing quality leads has become their top priority. And how to get those leads? Branding has the answer.

In fact, statistics show the importance of brand image when providing a service: a Google study indicates that it takes the public an average of ten seconds to get an idea and classify your brand – reputation – according to the logo, the website, social networks….

Although the new trends indicate that it is necessary to offer added value to the customer, it is true that the numbers continue to show the importance of offering a quality product / service. According to the same study, 73% value the quality of service as the first aspect to take into account when evaluating a company.

In this way, branding not only involves developing a name and a logo that differentiates your real estate developer from the competition, but also involves knowing the market, your service and your qualities.

Thus, preparing an analysis with analysis tools such as SWOT, thanks to which you can detect the strengths and opportunities of your business, is the first step to start the branding plan.

Through this tool, it will be easier to give your real estate developer its own look: corporate color, slogan, name and logo. The main objective with this is to provide your company with elements so that it is recognized by the public.

It is as important to emphasize corporate values ​​as it is to create your own content. After all, the user is looking for added value when accessing your content. In this way:

  • Create your own style guide
  • Make a social media plan
  • Create a blog about real estate
  • Hire influencers to give visibility to your content

In fact, the key to branding is consistency –and, therefore, coherence-: designing a criterion and unifying the messages of the promoter towards its audiences, taking into account the brand image we want to give. With the introduction and democratization of the internet, it is essential to be consistent in social networks, understanding each message as part of a total.

Also, the public obviates those companies that only talk about their product / service. In fact, the user is looking for a company that provides knowledge and added value.

So, as an essential part of your marketing project, you must develop a content plan, aimed at all the channels where your company has a presence to make yourself known.

Social Proof In Real Estate

Sometimes reason and intuition walk on different paths. Although in the middle of the big data era , the consumer has more data to choose from than ever before, there are still behaviors that are primary.

One of them is undoubtedly social proof . This instinct is the name that marketing attributes to the approval of a product, campaign or service by a user when they realize that an important group of people have already given their approval previously.

Thus, the consumer gives value to the opinions, recommendations and guides that concern the product they are looking for, in this case, the home they will finally bet on.

In this article we will analyze the value of social proof in marketing, how to measure the impact of opinions on our product and above all, how we can improve our real estate developer based on this aspect.

After all, there are many channels through which to give your promotion influence. Among others:

  • Social media
  • Traditional press
  • Web page
  • Events and real estate fairs
  • Social proof, key to marketing

The objective of online marketing with a website is to improve its visibility to enhance the image of the company. Thus, the keys are:

  • Increase traffic
  • Improve conversion

The interaction between the user and the web page that the real estate developer is looking for is known as conversion. Thus, from clicking on a section to looking for a link, the digital marketing plan establishes how to achieve that success and the actions that are necessary to attract users.

In this way, the law of social proof indicates that people will be more willing to meet you and hire your services or your product if they see that third parties have had a good experience working with you.

After all, social proof is a tool to boost your company’s reputation and give your real estate strategy credibility. Thus, offering testimonials, data and recognitions that your real estate developer has obtained will allow you to enhance the brand image of your company and thus improve the perception by your target audience of your company.

How to boost the social proof of a real estate agency

Based on the theory of social proof, users tend to give credibility to information provided by a known source. On the contrary, according to a recent study by a renowned marketing company, 90% of users tend to think that the opinions expressed on a web page are fabricated.

In this way, social proof can be enhanced in the real estate sector by:

  • Own data: how many people have subscribed to your newsletter, how much reach do your publications have
  • Cite information about your leadership in the sector.
  • Mention the number of years your company has been in the sector.

Include testimonials from companies, partners, suppliers and clients who have a favorable comment about your activity as a promoter.

In this way, on our real estate page, it is important to give preponderance to those opinions that are not only favorable, but from recognized sources, with reputation: suppliers, public, among others.

In addition, appearances in the traditional press tend to give our company’s actions a reputation: an interview, a report or a promotion of our real estate services will give our actions credibility.

In the midst of the digital age, influencers also gain weight in online marketing promotions, especially to attract new generations. In this way, they can increase the conversion of your digital publications. reaching agreements with them to mention you on their networks or to collaborate with your digital campaigns.

Social proof, after all, is a marketing tool to give your company a reputation. If you want to know more about real estate marketing subscribe and leave us your comment below.

5 Problems That Affect Commercial Real Estate

The real estate sector for offices and commercial stores has serious business on a not-so-distant horizon. Obstacles that mark your future and therefore that you must face as soon as possible. In this article we will review 5 hot points that every investor in Commercial Real Estate (CRE) should be clear about.

In this article we will go from the most complex to the simplest, but each element should have your special attention. Of course, to be able to swim in these turbulent waters, the investor must design a commercial strategy for CRE, and only then will he be able to take full advantage of the current scenario.

Growing polarization of politics

In spite of us, the turbulences of international politics affect the sectors of the national economy. And even more so if it is a real estate developer who usually has contacts and alliances beyond the borders of a single country.

Therefore, Brexit, the foreign policy of the United States, the conflicts in the Middle East or the independence process of Catalonia, little by little, are entering the topics of discussion for real estate investors. Several groups of investors are withdrawing positions in CRE due to this instability.

Climate change

It seems unlikely, but global warming is also impacting commercial real estate. A clear example is the ban on building in steel and glass in New York due to the low energy performance of these buildings.

More and more companies and entrepreneurs are looking at this point and investors must take care where they set their objective, No one wants to pay more than necessary for light or air conditioning, which entails a strategic design of where to prioritize investments.

Technological explosion

Advances in the technique allow the market to grow in several directions at the same time. In other words, a real estate developer specialized in CRE can reach its client through more platforms and means.

A real estate agent must easily handle terms such as Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, smart homes, in between and so many neologisms that are having more and more force in the economy.

Furthermore, stores were traditionally associated with the offline economy. That is why this entry of technology represents a shock. This digital fresh air creates opportunities for the future but also implies a great effort and investment on the part of the traders and owners of the commercial land.

Generational separation

Naturally, millennials have an increasing weight in companies and in how the economy is doing. Not surprisingly, people from previous Baby Boom and Generation X generations are drifting apart to make way for young blood.

This implies changes in how a business should be approached. The ways of working are different and each generation appreciates some values ​​more than others. If you are interested in how the generation change affects the real estate sector in nova city islamabad , you can read this article about it.

Changes in Retail

And last but not least, developments in the tertiary sector. The Commercial Real Estate is based on being able to sell or rent its square meters to shops or offices. The main change is the mass entry of ecommerce, without this representing a clash with physical stores.

In other words, stores are currently changing their work model to focus on meeting consumer needs. Delivering what the customer wants is the way to survive. Unfortunately, there are times when a store is not designed to have the consumer as the protagonist and this implies its closure.

On the other hand, it also happens the other way around. The case of Amazon, the great online store par excellence, is opening small shops and supermarkets in large cities.

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