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Arrival of a baby at home: tips for a good adaptation

The arrival of a baby at home is marked by joy, excitement and happiness. But it is also the beginning of some changes that can affect us emotionally, in our schedules, in our routines … and also in our domestic environment.

Sky Marketing is preparing for this moment will affect the layout and practicality of our home. Do not forget that the arrival of a baby at home does not only imply adding a crib in the old office or in the guest room: the changes are much more important and will transform the different spaces of the house, adapted since then to our new family situation.

The first step is always to study the different rooms in our apartment or house to find the best room for the baby, as we explain below.

How to choose the room for your baby

Although it is usual for the baby to sleep in the main room with his parents during the first months of life, to facilitate night feedings and have him close when he cries, over time the new member of the family will need his own space. Finding it depends on different issues, although the most important will be availability.

If we are lucky enough to have an apartment or a house with several free rooms, some of the things that we can value in this choice are:

The situation

For a matter of comfort, a good alternative to choosing our baby’s room is to try to make it close to ours so that it is easier to attend to him at night, when he cries or when he is sick.

The light

Another tip to choose the room for our son is to bet on a bright room. The more light the room has, the more sun it will give it and the more heat it will retain in the cold months.


Children need space to store their things. If we can choose, it is convenient that our son’s room has enough space. In addition, when planning the arrival of a baby at home, we must also assess the possibility of having more children in order, in this case, to know if we want the siblings to share a room (at least while they are small), or that each one have your own room.

Ventilation and air conditioning

Good ventilation allows us to control the humidity in the different rooms of the house. Therefore, it is essential that our child’s room, regardless of size, has a window so that clean air enters and we can renew the rarefied environment. It is also important that the room has a mild temperature both in winter and in summer. To achieve this, we will have to check the condition of the windows (to avoid drafts) and look for an air conditioning system that allows us to control the temperature and humidity degree by degree.

Is the house safe for the baby? Sockets, corners and windows 

The arrival of a baby at home makes us wonder and question what security is like in our home.

In many cases, new parents see dangers in every corner, although of course there are none. However, we must always take into account the safety of both the rooms and the rest of the house to turn our house into a “baby-proof fortress”.

We will have to pay special attention to all the elements nailed to the wall such as wall lights, paintings or mirrors. You should also be careful with floor lamps and ornamentation located on the floor.


One of the main safety elements when planning the arrival of a baby at home are the plugs. The first step is to check that the electrical installation complies with all safety standards and requirements. Then we will check that the plugs are locked and that it is necessary to exert enough pressure to unlock them. One option that some parents take to avoid accidents of this type is to cover the plugs with a special plastic protector.


The other essential element to check the safety before the arrival of a baby at home are the stairs. If you live in a single-family home, a chalet with two or more floors or a duplex, consider the possibility of installing barriers both at the top and at the bottom .

On the market there are approved barriers, adapted to different widths and with bars narrow enough so that the child cannot fit his or her head between them.


Window protection is the third element that we must assess before the arrival of a baby at home. Although many have a locking system that makes their opening inaccessible to children, railings and safety barriers are essential in high windows and balconies.

Finally, we recommend that you protect the corners, use security systems to limit the closing speed and / or cushion the doors, and hide cleaning products and medicines in separate drawers that can be closed with a latch or key.

Other tips to prepare for the baby’s arrival at home 

Deep cleaning

Although many parents focus on buying or setting up their child’s room, the first step in preparing for the arrival of a baby at home is to clean it thoroughly, which is especially important when the baby begins to crawl. Although cleaning should not be an obsession, we must disinfect all corners of the house, as well as thoroughly wash or store rugs and carpets, as they are a source of dust mites and dust.

Planned organization 

Order is important in any home, but it is more so in those with babies. The best advice is to establish a basic and functional storage method that allows you to remove and store things comfortably. Boxes and baskets with a lid will save us time and are a good alternative to keep in order at home.

Minimal furniture 

For the baby’s arrival at home to be comfortable, we must bet on having minimal furniture in the room. Thus, we will have greater storage capacity, and cleaning the room will be easier. Even so, in the room we will have to install some basic furniture such as the crib, the dresser, the changing table and, if you have more space, a wardrobe.

Functional decoration 

Decoration lovers see the arrival of their baby at home as a perfect moment to put their creative concerns into practice. However, a beautiful decoration is not incompatible with functionality. For this reason, we recommend using plastic paint that you can clean with water on the walls, as well as curtains to control the entry of light. If you want, you can also reuse some furniture to save money in your baby’s room – balancing old and modern decor is always a good idea.

Finally, the arrival of a baby at home can also make us consider changing our home . If you are looking for an apartment or a house with several rooms in your city or a property in a residential neighborhood that adapts to the new needs of your family, contact Tajarat properties. We are leaders in the sector and we offer our services throughout the territory.


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